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So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Someone please tell me this shitty feeling ends after a breakup.  I just feel like I’m going to puke.

I decided I’m going to sell the house and try to relocate. I have no ties to where we were living other than my job, so there is no point in staying up there.  My parents are going to let me stay with them until I find my feet.

I just want to be past all of this.  I want to have the house sold and our things divided. I want to be okay.  I’m not even angry at him for the way we broke up, I’m just sad and sick.

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After six years together, my boyfriend comes home and breaks up with me out of the blue. Says he doesn’t see our relationship going any further than it’s gone.  As much as I complained about him, I still loved him. Now I have to figure out what the the hell I’m going to do.

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Not to burst any Cockles bubbles, but his stance in the photo with Mark is pretty much just like his stance on his “date night” in Rome with Jensen — the one where Misha wasn’t in the group selfie but still just draped over J for unknown reasons.

Maybe he just likes this pose?

At the time, I felt like this was pretty good “proof” that Cockles is real. There was no need for Misha to be that close ( as the selfie proved).

Now the pose just seems… cheapened?

C’mon tinatters, give me a reason to see something special between Misha and J here.

The picture with Mark is a posed shot, whereas the selfie one was him being natural.  Someone probably told Misha to stand closer to Mark, but no one has to tell him to stand closer to Jensen.

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White people crying after Mitt Romney lost the election

Ah my favorite post on this site makes rounds once again

Why is the above comment not being called out?  ”White people crying…” Yes, they are white, why the fuck does that matter?  If a white person were to make a post about blacks, Asians, Hispanics, or any other person who does not primarily identify as “white” we would be called racist.  This is still racism, folks. Black on white hate is still racism. Whoever told you that it was okay is wrong and I will unfollow any one who reblogs any kind of hate—race, gender, sexuality, or whatever.    

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I wish I was a stronger person and financially secure enough to dump my asshole boyfriend and kick his ass out of my house.

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